Tangibl’s power engineering and consulting technical team has decades of experience in the power sector, with key professionals having worked in both technical and management positions for asset owners. Our capabilities and experience span the entire capital project life cycle, from project conception and approval through preliminary and detailed engineering, project closeout and commissioning.

Tangibl project managers actively engage with our clients on-site which makes us much easier to work with than our larger, more distant competitors. Our project teams have the right mix of enthusiasm, industry experience, and skill with today’s digital tools to deliver a project in a cost-effective and timely manner.

We recognize that every project and program is different, which is why Tangibl manages each through teamwork, active listening, and collaboration with the client.


Tangibl Engineering & Consulting teams have delivered projects under both planned and emergent conditions, in a responsive and responsible manner. Asset management and replacement programs often are funded for years at a time and Tangibl is exceptionally well suited for consistent and repeated delivery of associated engineering and design services.

Tangibl developed a test plan for commissioning of a combined-cycle power plant’s voltage regulator, governor control and reactive capability. The test plan, and review of test results, was completed in less than 90 days and ahead of the plant’s commercial operation date.

One of our longest-dated assignments has been maintaining switchyard facility ratings for a portfolio of generation facilities in PJM and ISO New England for over ten years.

Tangibl’s Utility Rates Consulting group has prepared dozens of reactive tariff filings at FERC for renewable asset owners in both organized and bilateral markets, and confirmed the cost-based rates in Power Purchase Agreements for asset owners in bilateral markets.


If you have a project that you believe is a good fit for our capabilities, please contact us. We can schedule an exploratory conversation to better understand your needs and together determine how best to serve you.

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