Silicon Power and Tangibl Group Partner to Deliver High Quality Uninterrupted Power to Sensitive Power Load Applications

Silicon Power Corporation (Silicon Power) and Tangibl Group, Inc. (Tangibl) have partnered to develop engineered-system solutions for facilities that value high levels of power quality and continuity. As onshoring and re-industrialization take hold in this decade, these fully engineered installations will serve the emergent needs of critical industrial, transport and government facilities.

Silicon Power’s Sub-Cycle Transfer Switches (STS) at medium voltage provide a superior power quality experience for critical loads, providing uninterrupted operations for mission critical power needs in a wide range of applications. This new turnkey solution will drive value for existing and expanded facilities requiring high levels of power quality.

Under the partnership, Tangibl Group will operate as the Engineer-Procure-Construct (EPC) prime contractor (or in certain cases) provide Engineering & Procurement (E&P) or Owner’s Engineer services to coordinate all design, procurement and construction work and ensure that projects are completed as required and on time. This project oversight allows the partnership to:

  1. Deliver turnkey solutions to customers
  2. Streamline the implementation process to minimize disruption to customer operations while
  3. Maintaining an accelerated delivery schedule so STS benefits may be realized as quickly as possible.

Critical facilities with dual power feeds typically use an Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) to switch between the power feeds when the main feed powering the facility is deemed unacceptable—having low power quality or experiencing an outage. A typical ATS takes 100 milliseconds (approximately 6 cycles on a 60-Hz power system) to make the transition. For systems with high-value processes and/or sensitive internal equipment, this is an excessively long time resulting in facility shutdown and restart at great expense.

In contrast, Silicon Power’s Innova STS sub-cycle transfer switches can switch between power feeds in 4 milliseconds or less (one-quarter of a cycle), avoiding costly interruptions. For over 25 years, these switches have been deployed to solve sensitive load issues in sectors such as:

  • Utility
  • Semiconductor
  • Airport
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Government
  • Data Centers / Financial Services

For more information about this new turnkey solution and how projects might apply to your facility, please contact Tangibl Group to schedule an introductory discussion.