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Regulatory Affairs & Interconnection Support

Solar panels

Tangibl has extensive experience and expertise providing regulatory affairs and interconnection support services in several ISO/RTOs across North America, with a particular expertise and depth of experience in PJM. Tangibl’s interconnection support services include performing network analyses ahead of project queue submission to help optimize project site location, performing and assisting with all aspects of project queue submission, review and analysis of all study reports, and working with ISO/RTOs and Transmission Owners on all issues that arise during the study process through execution of an interconnection agreement. Tangibl’s regulatory services include the monitoring of all relevant ISO/RTO committees and working groups, serving as a client’s ISO/RTO stakeholder representative and advocating for clients on specific issues when requested, and supporting client relationship with ISO/RTO organizations and other ISO/RTO stakeholders. Also, Tangibl will complete specific regulatory research projects upon request, and follows relevant FERC regulatory matters as they apply to client needs and interests.

PJM Interconnection Process Reform Task Force (IPRTF)

Tangibl was an active participant and leader in the PJM Interconnection Process Reform Task Force (IPRTF) that recently approved a solution package to institute needed reforms to PJM’s interconnection process, which will now be filed at FERC for final approval. Tangibl utilized its substantial experience and expertise with the PJM interconnection process to advocate for solutions that balanced the needs of PJM Project Developers on issues such as site control, transition process, and allowed project modifications, with the goal of coming up with a more efficient, timely and transparent PJM interconnection process in the future.

NYISO Capacity Market Report

At the request of a renewable energy developer in the NYISO market, Tangibl completed a comprehensive analysis and study of the NYISO Capacity Market for this client. The study included all aspects of the NYISO Capacity Market including market design and structure, capacity supplier eligibility requirements, capacity auction administration, along with analysis of previous NYISO capacity auction results and future drivers of the NYISO Capacity Market.

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