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Project and Program Management: SUBSTATIONS

Transmission and Distribution Substations – Conceptual Engineering

Tangibl was retained by a large transmission and distribution utility in the northeastern U.S. to develop conceptual engineering deliverables to support its upcoming year’s capital budget. Our effort encompassed 33 projects for which scope, schedule inputs and study-grade (+/-25%) estimates were made. The total value of projects estimated $23 MM in base case capital with sensitivities of an additional $ 4MM, and 20,000 base-case engineering man-hours. The study work was performed over a four-month period and the results were presented to the client both electronically and as part of several presentations to relevant committees.

Transmission and Distribution Substations – Cost Estimating

Tangibl developed a series of study-grade cost estimates for a large transmission and distribution utility in the mid-Atlantic U.S. The facilities included new substations and expansion of existing switching stations and substations. Cost estimates were developed using Tangibl’s proprietary substation cost estimating tool for six different facilities. In one case, Tangibl’s independently developed estimate for a new substation was much closer to actual costs for a nearly identical facility already in construction which had been significantly underestimated by the client. The successful and timely completion of the estimates resulted in the client developing a multi-year agreement with Tangibl for comprehensive substation engineering services.

Transmission and Distribution Substations – Project Closeout

Tangibl was retained by a large transmission and distribution utility in the northeastern U.S. to reduce the backlog of substation projects that needed to be prepared for closeout by its plant accounting group. The scope and scale of the problem had approached $1 billion across the enterprise. Tangibl’s focus was on substation closeouts, and a backlog of projects approaching $500 MM was reduced to below $100 MM, with over $3 billion closed to date including the prior backlog. Tangibl is now the substation project closeout process owner in the current project management process at this utility. In addition to the on-site Project Managers, support is provided by an Analyst at Tangibl’s offices, with remote access to online systems.


Tangibl was retained by a large transmission and distribution utility in the northeastern U.S. to manage a series of programs for small projects in distribution substations. The client’s Asset Replacement Program (ARP) was set up to address small reliability projects that were too small to be efficiently managed on an individual basis, but when aggregated with other comparable projects into a program, justified project-management attention. Projects ranged from substation fence repairs to component replacements such as switches and disconnects.

Tangibl located a Project Manager on-site at the client’s offices, who was provided with access to pertinent local paper records and online systems. Systems utilized in the performance of the work included Power Plant, STORMS, and Cascade. Technical support was provided on demand from Tangibl’s technical and engineering staff when required.

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