Case Study | Utility Engineering & Consulting


Tangibl was requested by our client, a transmission owner in the PJM Interconnection, to provide detailed design services for the reconfiguration of a 69-13kV distribution substation. Twelve (12) 13kV distribution circuits emanated from this substation, parts of which were over fifty years old. The circuits were supplied by indoor metal-clad switchgear in the control house and a relatively recent outdoor walk-in metal-clad switchgear assembly, supplied by three different 69-13kV transformers. The project required circuits to be relocated from existing switchgear to three new outdoor walk-in metal-clad switchgear assemblies.

In order to accomplish the physical reconfiguration, an existing structure that supported a former 34.5kV outdoor substation had to be removed. The affected portion of the station had to be re-graded and cleared to support the new switchgear in a manner that allowed for new conduit exits from the switchgear to either new or existing manholes. The scope of the physical work required a permit from the suburban county in which the substation is located. The surveying, permitting drawings and forms were prepared under Tangibl’s direction for the client to make submittal to the county.

The significant rearrangement of circuits impacted the outside-plant portion of the client’s infrastructure. Tangibl was requested to design the rearrangement of the outgoing circuits, including conduits, manholes inside and outside the substation fence, and new or reconfigured terminal poles and cable risers. The client manages inside plant and outside plant through separate organizations, and Tangibl worked with both organizations to complete both sets of design deliverables.

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