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Generation Switchyard Owners Engineer Services

230kV Generation Switchyard Owners Engineer Services

Tangibl made a high-level review of the construction documents regarding the rerouting and construction of the 230kV generation tie lines for a generating facility located in southeastern Pennsylvania. The lines interconnect the generating facility with the local PJM Transmission Owner and needed to be relocated to accommodate the expansion plans of the buyer of certain land parcels sold by the landowner over which the lines traversed. The landowner took responsibility for the design and construction of the relocation, but our client, the generating facility, was requested by the facility’s ultimate owner to review the construction documents to confirm that the facility’s output would not be affected by the line relocation.

Tangibl’s civil/structural review addressed transmission line routing, phasing, clearances, conductors, hardware, steel structures and foundations. An electrical review of the project including facility ratings made per NERC and PJM criteria was also made, with those results confirming that the facility output was not compromised by the relocation.

500kV Generator Switchyard Owners Engineer Services

Tangibl was retained by a generating facility in northeastern Maryland as Owners Engineer for the 500kV switchyard for which our client, the ultimate owner, is a Transmission Owner (TO) in PJM Interconnection (PJM). PJM requires TOs to complete various studies and respond to data requests associated with North American Electric Reliability Corporation (NERC) Standards. The information required was outside the scope of the facility as a Generator Owner (GO) in PJM, and the ultimate owner’s engineering support functions.

Tangibl prepared response to PJM data requests and provided studies, or study results consistent with PJM’s Regional Transmission Expansion Plan processes and procedures. We reviewed our proposed responses with our client prior to their submittal to PJM. Tangibl has performed similar services for other generating facilities in our client’s portfolio, including facilities in ISO New England as well as elsewhere in PJM. Among the services provided to the client were NERC CIP-014, FAC-008, MOD-032, PRC-019, PRC-023, PRC-024, PRC-025, and VAR-002 compliance support.

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